Privacy Policy  Privacy Terms

1.1 Our Privacy Pledge Pty Ltd, as owners of the mobile application s and websites ( want you to know that your trust is key to the success of our business. We take privacy and confidentiality very seriously and we safeguard the personal information of our users in accordance with this Policy.

1.2 Consent

By using, you consent to the collection, use and disclosure of your information (including in some cases personal contact and location information) by us for the purpose of providing services to you via the website and mobile applications, and administering your account in accordance with: (a) this Policy, (b) any other agreement you may have entered into with us, and (c) applicable laws and regulations. It is your responsibility to ensure that we are kept informed of the correct and current contact information for you by updating the information in the Settings section of the application.

1.3 Information of Others

By inputting any personal information into the website and/or mobile applications (including the personal information of others), you consent to the use of that personal information within the website/mobile application, and you represent and warrant that you have obtained any permissions or authorizations for any personal information of others that you input or send through the website/mobile application. Information is retained solely within and for use within the website/mobile application.

1.4 Communication

You authorize us to communicate with you regarding our services and your account if in the future we see a need to do so. You authorize us to communicate with you via the Internet and via any email address you have provided. You understand and accept the risk that data and information transmitted over the Internet is susceptible to error or security breaches.

1.5 Information Use & Sharing

Outside of the website/mobile applications, we do not share, trade, sell or in any way disclose your personal information without your consent unless such a disclosure is: (a) required by law; (b) mandated by search warrant or court order; or (c) warranted during investigation of the commission of an offence, a breach of a contract, or breach of a law or regulation. We may collect, aggregate and analyze data for system monitoring, quality control and product improvement purposes, provided it does not collect, use or disclose any personal information.

1.6 Dispute Resolution

In the event you have a question, complaint or dispute regarding your personal information or our personal information handling practices, contact us at the email address(es) as displayed in the “Contact Us” section of our website.

1.7 Changes

Changes to this Policy may be made from time to time by us, and the modified form of the Policy will take effect 15 days after the updated posting on this page.

If you have any questions or concerns around our Privacy Policy please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.